Interpreting pupils’ CAT4 Spatial Reasoning Skills practice.

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CAT4 Spatial Reasoning skills practice tests for each school age group

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Leveraging CAT4 pupils’ Spatial Reasoning Skills

How to Interpret the Spatial Reasoning Thinking Styles of pupils.

  • The CAT4 Figure Matrices test parallels the analogies tests in the CAT4  Verbaland CAT4  Quantitative Reasoning Batteries.
  • CAT4  Figure Classification test requires the identification of common elements between figures and parallels the CAT4 Verbal Classification test.
  • Consequently, the CAT4 Nonverbal Reasoning Battery reveals how well students can think when working with shapes.

Caution may need to be exercised when interpreting low scores if the student concerned comes from a non-Western cultural background. Since he or she may not have experienced these types of activities before.

Interpreting the Spatial Reasoning Thinking Styles of pupils

  • So the CAT4 Spatial Ability Battery assesses the ability to think in spatial terms, that is to visualise shapes and objects and the effects of manipulations on these.
  • The CAT4 Figure Analysis test requires the student to imagine the effect of a series of physical manipulations on a square of paper.
  • This CAT4 test relies on both spatial and reasoning abilities, such as recognising that, if a hole is made through layers of a doubled-over sheet, there must be two holes when the sheet is unfolded.
  • In summary, this requires the identification of a target shape within a complex design, so assessing the ability to identify a remembered shape from within more complex information.

what are CAT4 spatial skills.

CAT4 spatial tests make no demands on verbal ability, they can be highly effective indicators of potential in students with poor verbal skills, as well as effectively identifying the weaker abilities of those who have verbal strengths. This then provides a more comprehensive picture of the students concerned.

As with the CAT4 Nonverbal Reasoning Battery, caution needs to be exercised when interpreting low CAT4 scores if students come from non- Western cultural backgrounds, owing to their potential lack of familiarity with this type of activity.

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