Welcome to Mosaic Fit‘s CAT4 skills feature. More specifically, comparing school assessment skill sets: CAT4 skills and SAT skills.

How do CAT4 skills compare to SAT skills?

So, what’s the Difference between the CAT4 and SAT assessments?

Some independent secondary schools even use the CAT4 as an entrance examination to measure general intelligence and aptitude. It assists in understanding how well a student can learn, and different areas are analysed here, which are verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal skills.

How does the CAT4 differ from the SATs?

  • The CAT4 examinations are quite tricky. In fact many parents will have little experience of some of the more complex CAT4 subjects.
  • Whereas the SATs assess a child’s most basic cognitive skill set in Maths and reading.

How beneficial is practicing cognitive skills?

Many educators, CAT4 experts or otherwise, may well tell you that one can never be fully ready for such examinations as there is no set syllabus. Whereas here at School Entrance Tests, we believe that there is surely some importance in

  • Becoming familiar with the eight CAT4 sections, especially those types of CAT4 question format which pupils will never have encountered before.
  • Using CAT4 practice tests in advance of taking their school’s CAT4 exam, so that a child can show their true cognitive skills potential.
  • All of this combination, the above can certainly help improve a child’s cognitive abilities. Still, just knowing how to answer the CAT4 isn’t the only cognitive skill required. One has to be fast and accurate. The key is understanding the cognitive reasoning behind the most difficult CAT4 questions, or CAT4 topics.
  • This makes the 2023 CAT4 is a real test for a student especially as the CAT 4 assessment suite has no fixed syllabus. Most CAT4 pupils can still benefit from brushing-up all of their cognitive skills.

CAT4 insights into your child’s cognitive abilities

  • A child’s cognitive abilities development is enhanced by creating a better learning environment.
  • this can sometimes be picked up by that child’s improved CAT4 scores.

CAT4 insights into your child’s learning curve

  • The CAT examination results can provide insight into a child’s learning curve, which cannot be done with SATs.
  • However, CAT results will assist the teachers and parents in modifying the study routines to optimize children’s learning.

Free CAT 4 Papers with Answers. Students in room writing exam

We also offer free CAT4 non-verbal reasoning skills resources. For example, our popular Passed Papers You Tube channel‘s

CAT4 video guide.

Planning your CAT4 test practice step-by-step

  1. Establish How to interpret a CAT 4 results report.
  2. Learn what the different CAT 4 sections look like.
  3. Practice with the correct year CAT 4 test for your own child.
  4. Heres our FREE practice cat4 test.

Do try our CAT4 test practice and parents guide to the CAT4.

Which four cognitive skills does the CAT4 assess?

The CAT4 requires knowledge of four cognitive skills:

  1. Literacy skills
  2. Numeracy skills
  3. Non-verbal reasoning skills
  4. Spatial reasoning skills

Mosaic Skills Prep‘s free CAT4 skills resources


What does each CAT4 sub-test involve?

Each CAT4 test battery consists of eight short CAT4 sub-tests with each focusing on different cognitive abilities. You can find test practice for each CAT4 sub-test at these CAT4 skill section-by-section CAT4 links:

You can learn how to improve each CAT4 sub-test scores in the next CAT4 section below.

Learn how to improve your CAT4 sub-tests scores