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2023 CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills practice tests

We offer these for each school year group who take the 2023 CAT4.


How are skills assessed by the CAT4?

  • The CAT4 is a very accurate marker of innate academic potential.
  • Hence, academically selective independent secondary schools in the independent education sector are often interested in each applicant’s CAT4 scores.
  • The key CAT4 summary statistic is its Standard Age Score; an adjustment of each pupil’s raw score for age.
  • It is this CAT4 SAS which then enables age-adjusted CAT4 scores to be put on a continuous CAT4 score scale.
  • That in turn allows comparisons to be made with a nationally representative CAT 4  sample. This is a nationally representative pupil sample of the same school age.

    So, why practice CAT4?

  • The average score is 100.
  • A child scoring 126 or above is likely to be performing in the top 4% of children of the same age.


FREE CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Test practice

How are non-verbal reasoning skills assessed by the CAT4 ?

The specific CAT4 sections assess visualisation skills; the ability to

  • create and retain a firm mental image of a shape
  • representing angles and lengths accurately.

In fact, the eight CAT sections assesses a different set of reasoning skills. These can be examined:

  1. firstly in terms of the four major aptitude tests for skills in numerical, verbal, spatial and non-verbal reasoning.
  2. secondly in terms of how the CAT4 also assesses the additional working memory and processing skills abilities.

Both these CAT 4 skills taxonomy approaches are well-supported in the aptitude research theory and skills literature.

Non-Verbal Reasoning CAT4 section(s) which measure CAT4 non-verbal reasoning using a variety of symbols and patterns.


All CAT4 sub-sections measure:

  • Processing Speed which is a pupil’s skills at processing / responding to visual and auditory info.
  • Working Memory which is a pupil’s skills at holding / manipulating info within their individual short-term memory capacity.

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CAT 4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills test practice.