Are you thriving in the digital world? Are you looking after yourself? And others? Or just surviving?

Digital readiness monitor

Think about the work you do, the people you work with, the results you deliver. How are you coping? Do you lead, manage or follow digital trends? Are you looking after yourself? Your team? Your department/division? Your business?

Our self-assessment tool will start you on a journey to discover how you can improve your well-being, as well as that of others. This all within the context of the technological changes around you.

Where do you need to stretch yourself? Where is your comfort zone? How fast can you go? How slow do you want to go? Consider yourself and those around you as part of a social and technological ecosystem. See how you relate to others in an increasingly digital life is as much of importance as the quality of work you deliver. Find out how you see yourself in comparison to similar professionals with comparable challenges. Where do you do well? Where could you do better?

Are you flexible?
Helpful and proactive?
Or quick to adapt, deliver and then forget to look after yourself and others?

Take under three minutes to find out.

We asked leaders their preference on future best working environment.

The results were interesting ...

80% of leaders prefer to work remotelyor hybrid


prefer to work remotely or hybrid

74% of leaders believe it's more productive for the team to work remotely or hybrid


believe it's more productive for the team to work remotely or hybrid

50% of leaders feel they are not equipped to manage their team effectively remotely or as a hybrid team


feel they are not equipped to manage their team effectively remotely or as a hybrid team

We help leaders be better prepared to manage their team either remotely or as a hybrid team.

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Assessment tools

What’s your role? Choose your bespoke test according to the roles detailed below.

Digital Readiness Test for Senior Leader Executive

Senior leader / Executive

Digital Readiness Test for Team Leader


Digital Readiness Test for Individual Contributor

Individual contributor

Digital Readiness Test for Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant


How do you know what to do while there is shifting technological ground beneath you? How do you keep yourself healthy, happy and productive? How do you help others to do the same?

Recognising where your psychological self finds its comfort zone is a concern for many in the digital world. The pace and magnitude of technological advancements affect many working in an increasingly socially and technologically connected world. Keep yourself digitally fit and mentally healthy.

We are here to help you, your team and your organisation to understand how you related to, work with and keep abreast of changes that affect well-being and productivity at work, integrating research from psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence and behavioural economics to inform you.

Whether it is in response to crisis, rapid technological advancements, or wider societal changes, looking after yourself and those working with and for you is a key skill for anyone working in organisations. So that you can stay well and be productive and live a work life that is fulfilling and rewarding, and you also will be able to support others on the journey

Use our free tool, and find out more if you want to further your journey.

Mosaic wellbeing and digital fitness



A good or satisfactory condition of existence; a state characterised by health, happiness, and prosperity.


/ˈdɪdʒɪt(ə)l/ ˈfɪtnəs/

The ability to sense how the self can work and live healthily in a digital world, whilst keeping psychologically well and engaged.


Our ethos is to provide you with robust, evidence-based assessments and recommendations to improve your well-being and become digitally fit. Help yourself and those in your care to develop a healthier, more flexible, but also more discerning, approach to capitalising on the technological opportunities ahead. We support, advice and also will remind you of best practice in the area, always acting in the interest of the individual with a view to improving their contributions to your organisation.


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