Welcome to our CAT4 test practice for the CAT4 test’s two quantities reasoning sections.

Hope your find our CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning skills practice useful in passing your CAT 4 assessment.

The most useful CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning skills practice

Our quantitive reasoning skills focus here encompasses the GL Assessment’s CAT4’s:

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Which skills does the 2023 CAT4 assess?

Each of the eight CAT sections assesses a different set of reasoning skills. These are summarised below: firstly in terms of the four major aptitude tests for skills in numerical, verbal, spatial and non-verbal reasoning. Then secondly in terms of how the CAT4 also assesses the additional working memory and processing skills abilities – both of which are well- supported in the aptitude research theory and skills literature.

Quantitative Reasoning CAT4 section(s) which assess CAT4 quantitative reasoning skills include understanding maths data and manipulating numerical data.

All CAT4 sub-sections measure:

  • Processing Speed which is a pupil’s skills at processing / responding to visual and auditory info.

Working Memory which is a pupil’s skills at holding / manipulating info within their individual short-term memory capacity.

How should I prepare for the CAT4?

Use all of the available CAT4 practice resources. We offer about 20 posts on CAT4 test practice. Here are the highlights:

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Parents can support their child’s CAT4 preparation in other ways. For example, some of GL Assessment’s excellent own CAT4 videos.

If our free CAT 4 resources are not what you need, then please search here:

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