The CAT4 Test requires you to develop superhero level of cognitive skills. It helps you to discover where your super skills are.  Prepare well, and you’ll shine like a superhero on your CAT 4 test day! Ready to ace your CAT 4 exam?

Where are your CAT4 cognitive skills?

Are you a CAT4 tutor? Or the parent of a child whose school uses the CAT4 test? Then you need to ask yourself, where are your child’s CAT4 cognitive skill strengths?

How is a CAT4 Test Score broken down?

GL Education’s CAT4 report for parents uses several statistical terms you’ve probably not seen before.
The following explanations are provided by specialist psychometrician Rob Williams:

  1. CAT4 Raw Score: The number of questions you get right.
  2. CAT 4 Standard Age Score: It compares you to kids your age.
  3. CAT4 National Percentile Rank: Shows how you compare to others across the country.
  4. CAT 4 Stanine Grade: Divides you into groups based on your performance.

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Are CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning skills your super Power?

  • Imagine being a detective, but instead of clues, you solve puzzles with shapes!
  • That’s what happens in the CAT 4 Non-Verbal Reasoning test sections.
  • No words or numbers, just fun patterns to figure out.
  • Get ready to flex your spatial awareness and thinking skills!

Have you found you Perform best using your CAT4 Verbal Reasoning skills?

  • In Verbal Reasoning, you’re like a word detective.
  • You’ll read sentences and text blocks, looking for hidden errors and understanding tricky texts.
  • It’s like sharpening your language and thinking skills.

Like cracking maths codes? Is CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning your super strength?

  • Time to become a math detective in Quantitative Reasoning!
  • You’ll tackle number problems, but don’t worry, no fancy formulas.
  • It’s all about quantitative reasoning.

Or are Spatial Reasoning skills your greatest strength?

Spatial Awareness is like a fun adventure in visual puzzles. You’ll look at pictures and spot rules or patterns in them. Sharpen your brain’s spatial skills and become a puzzle-solving pro!

Let’s Explore the CAT4 Test Structure Together

CAT4 Figure-Based Questions 

In this part, you’ll solve Figure Classification and Figure Matrices puzzles. It’s like a visual adventure! You’ll find patterns in shapes, just like solving cool mysteries.

Figure Classification example CAT4 question

Find the odd one out:

What are the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Question formats?

Verbal Classification, Verbal Analogies, and Number Analogies are here! You’ll be a language expert, finding connections in words and patterns in sentences.

Example Verbal Classification CAT4 question

Guess the next word in this list:


CAT 4 Number-Based Questions 

The last part is all about numbers. You’ll tackle Number Series, Figure Analysis, and Figure Recognition. It’s math, but not the hard stuff. Just cool puzzles!

Number Series example CAT4 question

What comes after this sequence

120, 90, 70, 60, ?

a) 30,  b) 35,  c) 40,  d) 45,  e) 50

How to Optimise Your mental prep for passing the CAT4

CAT4 prep Step 1: Revise and Shine

Find your weaknesses and make them strong! Plan your study time and focus on what you need help with.

CAT 4 Step 2: Regular CAT4 Practice Makes Perfect

Use practice tests and online exams. Focus on your weak spots, but also do full test runs to feel the CAT4 vibe.

CAT4 prep Step 3: Get Test Ready

As the big day approaches, skim through your notes, create a checklist, and set up a comfy test spot. Stay fueled and well-rested!

CAT 4 test Step 4: Stay Calm 

Every CAT4 pupil will feel some nerves on their CAT4 exam day. It is a sign you want to do well ! Use relaxation tricks, stay rested, and stay super focused during your CAT4 assessment.


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