The CAT4 Test requires you to develop superhero levels of CAT4 cognitive skills. It helps you to discover where your super skills are.  Prepare well, and you’ll shine like a superhero on your CAT 4 test day! Ready to ace your CAT 4 exam?

Where are your CAT4 cognitive skills?

Are you a CAT4 tutor? Or the parent of a child whose school uses the CAT4 test? Then you need to ask yourself, where are your child’s CAT4 cognitive skill strengths?

How is a CAT4 Test Score broken down?

GL Education’s CAT4 report for parents uses several statistical terms you’ve probably not seen before. The following explanations are provided by specialist psychometrician Rob Williams:

  1. CAT4 Raw Score: The number of questions you get right.
  2. CAT 4 Standard Age Score: It compares you to kids your age.
  3. CAT4 National Percentile Rank: Shows how you compare to others across the country.
  4. CAT 4 Stanine Grade: Divides you into groups based on your performance.

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We also offer free CAT4 non-verbal reasoning skills resources.

Our specific CAT4 prep recommendations

We help CAT4 parents and CAT4 tutors to focus on preparing children to pass GL Assessment’s CAT4 test:
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How is the CAT4 Test Structured?

The CAT4 test is a series of eight subtests, each designed to measure a specific cognitive ability. The test can be administered pencil-to-paper or interactively.


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How schools use your child’s CAT4 results and CAT4 Guide for parents.

Mosaic’s free CAT4 skills resources

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  • CAT4 non-verbal reasoning test practice
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  • Practice CAT 4 spatial reasoning skills
  • Discover your CAT4 skillset
  • Interpreting pupils’ cognitive CAT4 skills

Are CAT4 Non-Verbal Reasoning skills your super Power?

  • Imagine being a detective, but instead of clues, you solve puzzles with shapes!
  • That’s what happens in the CAT 4 Non-Verbal Reasoning test sections.
  • No words or numbers, just fun patterns to figure out.
  • Get ready to flex your spatial awareness and thinking skills!

Have you found you Perform best using your CAT4 Verbal Reasoning skills?

  • In Verbal Reasoning, you’re like a word detective.
  • You’ll read sentences and text blocks, looking for hidden errors and understanding tricky texts.
  • It’s like sharpening your language and thinking skills.

Like cracking maths codes? Is CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning your super strength?

  • Time to become a math detective in Quantitative Reasoning!
  • You’ll tackle number problems, but don’t worry, no fancy formulas.
  • It’s all about quantitative reasoning.

Our free CAT4 test samples for every pupil age

Here are our CAT4 Practice Test Guides for each school age group:

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This the range of GL Assessment’s CAT4 battery for which CAT4 test practice is available.


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