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 1) Dylan needs to get part of his house painted. He has a budget of £200. He needs to buy 3 tins of paint, each costing £16.75. He employs a painter who is paid £12.30 per hour. How many full hours will the painter have to complete the work without going over Dylan’s budget?

 2) Guttering costs £4.30 per metre. Martin bought 11 metres of guttering and 7 metres of downpipe. He paid £66.55 in total. How much does downpipe cost per metre?

3) A tracksuit normally cost £75. In a sale, the price was reduced by 15 per cent. Calculate the sale price of the tracksuit.

 4) A girl collects the following data in metres in a science experiment.

0.32, 0.51, 0.43, 0.64, 0.39, 0.49, 0.62, 0.54, 0.52, 0.36, 0.54, 0.68, 0.48, 0.52, 0.60. She states: “The median is the one in the middle so my median is 0.54m.” Explain why she is not correct.

maths Quiz question 5) 

The attendance for some classes is shown below. In Class A, 17 pupils out of 20 were present. In Class B, 21 pupils out of 24 were present. In Class C, 19 pupils out of 22 were present. Which class had the highest percentage of attendance?

6) A number, expressed as a product of its prime factors, is 22 × 3 × 52 (a)? What is the number?

7) Jane completes a 5km race in 24 minutes. Calculate her average speed in km/hr.

8) Last year a company made a profit of £152,650. This year the company made a profit of £104,760. Work out the percentage decrease in the company’s profit. Give your answer to 1 decimal place.

9) James can throw a javelin 49 metres. His target is to throw it 4 per cent further each year. If he stays on target, how many years will it be before he can throw the javelin 55 metres?

10) Calculate the surface area of a sphere with a diameter of 12cm.

Maths Quiz answers

  1. 12 hours
  2. £2.75
  3. £63.75
  4. The data is not in order
  5. Class B
  6. 300
  7. 12.5km/hr
  8. 31.4
  9. 3
  10. 22cm

Our 2024 Maths admissions tests

Things to know before applying for a Mathematics Course:

  • If a student is applying for a mathematics course, then Oxford will be one of the best choices in the UK.
  • The students will have to take the MAT short for Mathematics Admission Test.
  • There are many other universities. For example, Cambridge that require students to take the STEP examination which is the Sixth Term, Examination Paper.
  • No major differences exist between these examinations, it just varies from one school to another.


Applying to a 2024 medical course at a UK University

  • Studying medicine is one of the most popular university degree course choices.
  • There are many entry requirements, including psychometric tests. Typically, the Graduate Medical School Admission Test GAMSAT and UCAT or the University Clinical Aptitude Test.
  • Another one is the Biomedical Admission Test which is also known as BMAT.


Applying for a medical course at Oxford and Cambridge

This demands that students sit for the BMAT examinations as well.

Once Oxbridge applicants have selected the right courses, it is time they start preparing for the admission test.

Oxbridge admissions 2024 prep 

TMUA University Admissions Guide and ELAT Oxbridge admissions.

HAT Oxbridge admissions , MAT test practice and PAT Oxbridge admissions.

TSA past papers and passing TSA.