Want to learn how to achieve a good Watson Glaser score? Read on!

What is the Watson Glaser test?

The Watson Glaser is a critical thinking test. It is often used in critical examinations or even in the hiring process in certain companies.  

You can learn a lot here about the Watson Glaser test format and the different types of reasoning skills needed to answer the different types of Watson Glaser test question.

Improving your critical thinking skills

What does the Watson Glaser test look like?

The Glaser test is usually an examination that lasts not more than 30 minutes and the applicants are asked to attempt 40 questions in total. There are five different areas where the applicants aretested on and they are inference, assumptions, deductions, evaluation, and interpretation.  The questions are multiple choice questions and are usually phrased as true or false statements, where the understanding ability of a participant is determined.

Who is this test for?

  • The Watson Glaser test is in continuation for more than 85 years and every employer looks into the insights that the results can provide about an individual.
  • It is a little difficult for most employers to differentiate between applicants without this set if everybody is coming from the same background and has the same set of qualifications.
  • A resume can have information that can look almost similar to every other one that they get.
  • That is why in the current days, everybody is turning towards psychometric tests for determining the true potential of an individual.

What are the other benefits of this test?

Hiring costs can be quite high and if several employees are hired who are not fit for the job, then there can be a major loss in the recruitment budget.

The test is quite popular among law firms or audit firms that analyze the true potential of a professional. 

Importance of being a critical thinker

  • Critical thinking is about logic and applying rationale to every argument that one might have with themselves.
  • In today’s world, there are so many distractions, so it is even more important for identifying the critical thinking skill level of an individual.
  • A critical thinker can easily analyze whether some information being provided to them is true to the core or not.

Reasoning skills practice