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What are KS1 SATs?

  • No longer mandatory! Schools can choose to use them for internal assessment in 2024.
  • Informal tests in English Reading, Maths, and Grammar/Punctuation/Spelling for children aged 6-7 in Year 2.
  • Aim to assess children’s progress against national curriculum targets.


Key Stage Practice Papers

How can I help my child prepare?

  • Use free past KS1 SATs papers and practice papers like Exam Ninja’s for familiarization and confidence.
  • Dedicate time to focused practice, especially on areas needing improvement.
  • Consider downloadable MP3 resources with audio elements for Maths and Spelling practice.
  • Though not mandatory, practice helps build confidence and familiarity with test format.
  • Can provide valuable insights into child’s strengths and weaknesses for targeted support.
  • Can contribute to positive teacher assessment in Writing and Science.

Additional key stage 1 Resources:

  • Free Year 2 Maths Worksheets for additional practice.
  • Fun & educational SATs Crossword and Wordsearch for light relief.
  • Comprehensive history of KS1 SATs for further understanding.

SATs Tutor Tips, so Remember to…

  • Focus on understanding, not just memorization.
  • Encourage a positive and relaxed approach to the tests.
  • Celebrate effort and progress, regardless of the final outcome.

By supporting your child with practice and a positive attitude, you can help them succeed in their KS1 SATs, whether officially assessed or used for internal evaluation.