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Each grammar school may have its own distinct 11+ exam criteria and expectations. Hence, it is essential to conduct thorough 11 plus research and meticulous 11+ preparation for each specific grammar school application.

Does the 11+ pass mark vary each year?

For tutors preparing pupils for the 11+ exam, it’s important to note that the 11+ pass mark can differ depending on the school or local authority responsible for its administration.

Each individual school or local authority establishes its unique pass mark based on the performance of students taking the test in a given year.

What’s the 11 plus pass mark?

We recommend aiming for 60-70%+ in each of your 11+ practice tests. This will ensure that you are aiming for a reliable 11 plus score. Also check on your prospective grammar school’s official website as well as reaching out to the school directly.

You need the most up-to-date 11+ score information on the 2024 11 plus pass mark.. This is vital since 11+ pass marks can fluctuate annually.

How to pass the 11+?

To enhance their chances of 11+ success, it’s vital for any 11 plus test-taker to use as many as possible of these bespoke 11+ prep options:

  • Familiarize themselves with the specific 11+ format.
  • Review their grammar school specific 11+ sample tests.
  • Purchase tailored 11 plus test preparation courses.
  • Employ a specialist 11 plus tutor.


Which skills does the 11+ assess?

Most 11 plus exam formats include assessments of 11 plus Maths skills and 11+ English skills or 11 plus Verbal Reasoning skills. Other types of 11 plus test paper include 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning skills.

So for each grammar school you are applying for, in order to pass that specific 11+ exam format it is vital to:

  • Understand this specific 11+ Exam Format: Start by thoroughly understanding the format of the 11+ CEM exam. Familiarize yourself with the different sections, such as Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Mathematics, and English. Knowing what to expect will help you tailor your teaching accordingly.
  • Assessment and Mock 11+ Tests: Administer practice tests and mock exams regularly to assess your students’ progress. This will help identify their strengths and weaknesses and allow you to focus on areas that need improvement.
  • 11+ Vocabulary Building: For the Verbal Reasoning section, focus on building students’ vocabulary and teaching them strategies for tackling word-based questions. Encourage reading widely to enhance their language skills.


What is the 11+ CEM Select exam?

The CEM Select test is:

  • Adopted by certain grammar schools in the UK as part of their Year 7 (age 11) admissions process.
  • Differs considerably from the paper and pencil CEM 11+ which many grammar schools also use.
  • Contains unusual question formats that cannot be found elsewhere. For example, it’s General Maths modular 11+ format.


Developing your 11+ Problem-Solving Skills

  • In the 11+ Non-Verbal Reasoning, concentrate on developing problem-solving and pattern recognition skills. Provide plenty of visual puzzles and exercises to improve their spatial awareness.
  • 11 plus Mathematics Mastery: Strengthen their mathematical skills by covering the key topics likely to appear on the exam. Ensure students are confident in topics such as arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data handling.
  • 11+ English Skills: Enhance their English skills by emphasizing grammar, punctuation, and comprehension. Encourage students to practice essay writing and creative writing to improve their writing skills.
  • Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with any changes to the 11+ CEM exam format or syllabus. This ensures that your teaching remains relevant.


Key 11+ CEM facts to help your child pass their 11+

  •  5-6 short 11 plus modules. Three or four of the modules will cover 11+ Verbal Ability is assessed by 3-4 modules in the CEM Select assessment battery of tests. Numerical reasoning skills are assessed by 3-4 CEM Select modules.
  • An 11+ CEM Select assessment takes approx. 60 mins.
  • 11+ Non-Verbal Ability is assessed by a single non-verbal reasoning module in the CEM Select assessment battery of tests.
  • CEM Select’s Verbal Reasoning modules are the CEM Select’s 11+ Comprehension and CEM Select Missing Words. Other possible 11+ CEM Select verbal reasoning modules are known by CEM Select as: Shuffled Sentences, Anagrams, Multiple Meanings, Selected Letters, Letter Connections and Related.
  • The 11+ CEM has Numerical Reasoning modules with either 1 or 2 numerical reasoning modules. 
  • CEM Select 11+ Non-Verbal Ability section has one module called Pictures. Prior to 2021’s 11+ exam, this has focused exclusively on Matrices questions in the CEM style.
  • The CEM Select exam is extremely time pressured. For example, the Pictures section could have 25 questions to answer in 7 minutes. This is just 16.8 seconds per question!

In summary, successful 11+ CEM preparation is a gradual process. Patience, dedication, and a supportive learning environment are key to helping your students excel in the exam.

What’s the 2024 grammar schools 11 plus pass mark?

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