What’s the Late Transfer 13+ test?

This is for pupils in Years 7 and 8 who may have failed their 11+ (for grammar school entry).

what are the 13 plus tests

The 13+ tests:

  • Have a strong academic focus on the core subjects.
  • Are used by many of the top grammar schools in the UK.
  • Assesses grammar school suitability (in Year 8 / Year 9). Of course, those schools accepting 13+ exam entries, only do so when there are spaces available in Year 8/9.


Who takes the 13 Plus Exam?

The Late transfer 12 Plus/13 Plus allows pupils up to 18 months to prepare. There’s a strong academic focus on the core subjects.


]Ask ROB (expert test developer) your questions by emailing passedpapers@gmail.comRob Williams

An Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, Rob Williams is a Chartered Psychologist with over 25 years of experience working and designing tests.
Rob has worked for the school entrance test publishers ISEB Hodder and GL Assessment.




How best to study for the 13 Plus Exam

  1. Start 13+ exam revision early.
  2. Identify any knowledge gaps and focus your child’s revision on improving each of these areas.
  3. Discuss and gain agreement for your child’s 12+ revision timetable. Of course, this needs to fit in around their existing education 9-4pm commitments. Plus their other outside activities and hobbies.
  4. Studying little but often, given 12-year old’s 30 mins attention spans.
  5. Use a variety of different studying methods, such as combining flashcards, listening exercises and presentations to provide variety.

13 Plus Exam Practice

What’s the best first step for children taking ISEB pre-tests?

STEP 1 – School Entrance Tests’ advice is to review ISEB’s own free practice.

All four ISEB pre-tests have familiarisation pre-tests on ISEB’s testwise site:

Maths ISEB familiarisation test;

English ISEB free practice test;

Non-Verbal Reasoning ISEB familiarisation test; and

Verbal Reasoning ISEB free practice test.


STEP 2 – Then read these ISEB pre-tests introductory guides:

ISEB 11+ Pre Tests Parents Guide

and the more specific pre-tests guidance in the ISEB 11+ Maths Revision Guide.