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11 Plus CLOZE tests

There are two kinds of 11 Plus CLOZE test:

  • CLOZE 11 plus paragraphs; and CLOZE 11 plus words tests. Both of these are 11 plus verbal reasoning tests.
  • With the 11 plus CLOZE paragraphs, there is a word or more left out of a sentence or paragraph. The word options are sometimes provided, sometimes not.
  • For CLOZE word tests, letters in a specific word are omitted and your child will have to provide these.

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These aim to improve your personal 11 plus needs in certain skills: Maths skills; Verbal Reasoning, Non Verbal Reasoning and English skills.

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CLOZE tests test a variety of skills, such as:

  • spelling
  • grammar and
  • knowledge of English

In addition to testing these, CLOZE tests also test whether a child can think critically and analytically about a test and the meaning as they are reading. Although these tests may be used in the classroom setting, it is also now part of the new CEM-style 11 Plus tests for grammar school entrance. It is expected to soon replace the old style verbal reasoning tests as they are known to be more robust. They also tend to be more ‘tutor-proof’.

Tips for CLOZE verbal reasoning tests:

  • read the whole passage before you choose the missing word
  • use your knowledge of grammar and syntax. For example, knowing whether the word should be a noun, adjective, verb or adverb, might help in eliminating the incorrect options
  • start with the ones you know or are familiar with
  • make use of spelling rules if you are not familiar with the cloze word in question
  • re-read the whole paragraph/sentence to make sure it makes sense


How do you prepare for CLOZE verbal reasoning tests

CEM has always endeavoured to make their tests ‘tutor-proof’ and this might just be their next step. As 11 Plus Verbal Reasoning CLOZE tests are becoming the new norm for CEM 11 Plus grammar school how do you prepare your child?

  • Make sure they know their grammar and syntax. What is a verb, an adverb, a noun, an adjective and when do you use which.
  • Get them to know and apply spelling rules. Have ‘spelling bees’ around the dinner table or on the way to school get
  • Assure they have a good vocabulary. Take a new ‘word of the day’ every day. Make sure they know the meaning and try and use it in conversations with you throughout the day.

Most importantly, make sure your child is not stressed for this. Our brains and especially those of our children, just cannot work as it should under too much pressure.

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