Does your 2024 independent school entry rely upon your child’s 13 plus exam results? If yes, then read on?

The foremost objective of the 13 plus Verbal Reasoning test is to assist selective schools in identifying the most suitable candidates for admission.

So applicants achieving higher 13+ exam scores often receive preferential consideration for admission, Whilst students with lower 13+ scores may only be put on waiting lists.

Which are the key 13+ school entry test skills?

To excel in the 13+ independent school entrance test, students must possess a well-rounded set of skills: robust academic abilities, critical thinking prowess, and effective study techniques.

  • 13+ Critical Thinking Skills
  • Reading and Comprehension 13 plus skills

What are the 13+ reading skills and the 13+ comprehension skills? Proficiency in reading and comprehending complex passages, answering questions accurately, and interpreting information effectively.

Writing and Communication 13 plus skills

What are the 13+ writing skills and 13+ communication skills?

Command over written communication, covering grammar, vocabulary, and essay-writing abilities—commonly evaluated skills.

Mathematics 13+ Skills

Adeptness in mathematics, encompassing a solid understanding of core concepts and problem-solving techniques.  

13+ test results can make a significant impact on your child’s educational journey.

Your child’s 13+ scores play a crucial role in securing admission to selective secondary schools in the UK. Here’s how improving their 13+ results can prove highly advantageous:

  • Independent schools often prioritize students with strong verbal reasoning test scores during their admission process, giving your child an edge.
  • Impressive verbal reasoning results may open doors to scholarships or financial aid.
  • 13+ tests serve as a valuable tool for identifying exceptionally gifted students who may excel in advanced programs.

Our 13 plus test practice for private school entry

13+Greek (St Edward’s 2013)  

Guide to 11+ independent school entry 2025

    • If your child is taking the 11+, list all your preferred independent schools.
    • Be realistic. If a certain grammar school is 15 miles away then don’t list it as a preference. Although if you live only 8-9 miles away, take a chance.
    • Your last preference school should be your ultimate fallback if all else fails. Therefore, make sure it is still a school that will be acceptable. Plus, one that your child is certain to get a place.

Assessing your child’s skills at 13+ Age

    • Keep a copy of your CAF (print the online version or make a copy of the form signed and dated version). You will be very glad if you decide to appeal. Then need to prove what you filled in.
    • Get proof that your application form has been sent. Take a screenshot or send it by recorded mail. You can even phone the local authority a few days later to confirm.
    • ASK any questions you may have. You only have one opportunity to apply for secondary school places. So make sure you do it right.
    • If your child does not get a place at any of your listed preferences, your home local authority will allocate your child a place. Check carefully with your local Admissions Department. Or with the School Choice Advisers.

Reasoning test practice