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Strengthening your child’s 11 plus Verbal reasoning skills

11+ tutors are advised by 11 plus test practice specialists to discuss effective methods for enhancing verbal reasoning skills, like solving puzzles, practicing analogies, and working on critical thinking exercises.

Focus on the verbal reasoning section, a critical component of the 11+ English exam.

Here’s our recommended grammar school 11+ practice materials for 11+ tutors and 11 plus parents:

Verbal Reasoning test results

The utilization of 11+ Verbal Reasoning test outcomes can exhibit differences across various schools or local authorities.

Furthermore, certain schools may take into account additional elements, including interviews and teacher endorsements, in conjunction with test scores, to inform their admissions determinations.

11+ Verbal Reasoning tests play a pivotal role in the admission process for selective secondary schools in the UK. These assessments evaluate a student’s language proficiency, encompassing vocabulary, comprehension, and logical reasoning skills.


So, how are 11+ verbal reasoning scores used?

  1. Admissions: The primary objective of the 11+ Verbal Reasoning test is to assist selective schools in their admission decisions. High-performing students in these assessments enhance their prospects of securing a place in these institutions.
  2. Selection and Ranking: Schools frequently use test results to rank and select students. Those who achieve higher scores often receive priority in admissions, while lower-scoring individuals might face admission challenges or waiting lists.
  3. Scholarships and Bursaries: Exceptional performance in the 11+ Verbal Reasoning test can lead to scholarships or bursaries being offered by certain schools. These financial incentives help alleviate educational expenses.
  4. Grouping and Streaming: Some schools utilize test outcomes to organize students into classes or streams based on their abilities. This customization of the curriculum ensures a better match with students’ verbal reasoning skills.
  5. Identification of Gifted Students: The test results serve as a means to identify exceptionally talented students who could benefit from additional enrichment programs or accelerated learning opportunities.

11+ Verbal Reasoning Tips 

  • It is better to start with the untimed questions and then move on to the timed ones so that an effective learning curve is maintained.
  • As discussed earlier, the question type will differ from publisher to publisher, the UK-based publishers will be coming up with code-breaking and letter sequence questions and verbal reasoning papers.
  • The next tip is focusing on the vocabulary section. The Durham university publisher papers will be designed based on testing the vocabulary a lot more than the other skills. There will be questions testing word recognition and understanding.
  • With effective practice, once the student masters the beginner level, then they can move on to the other ones. It is important to understand the question patterns might change during the time of the original examination.


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