How can an 11 plus Parental Support Network help?

What is the power of building a parental support network?

How can it can enhance your child’s chances of achieving 11 plus success?

How can an 11+ Parental Support Network help me?

Well, a support network can help to:

  • Ensure you don’t miss any crucial information. same.
  • Keep everyone on track and accountable.
  • share concerns, seek advice, and find emotional support.
  • save time and money while providing diverse learning opportunities for your child.

11 plus Parental Support Network

  • Connect with other parents who are also navigating the 11 Plus journey. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes can be incredibly reassuring.
  • Exchange valuable resources, such as practice materials, books, and online tools.
  • Consider forming or joining study groups with parents and children. Group study sessions can provide a motivating environment for kids and a chance for parents to discuss strategies.
  • Dealing with exam stress and the pressure to perform can be challenging for both children and parents.
  • When children see their peers working hard and making progress, it can motivate them to do the same.
  • Stay informed about important updates related to the 11 Plus exam, such as changes in exam formats or deadlines.
  • Share and celebrate each other’s achievements, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement can boost morale and keep everyone motivated.
  • Different families may have unique approaches to preparation. Learning from each other’s strategies can provide a well-rounded perspective on what works best for your child.
  • Create an environment where parents and children can openly discuss their concerns, fears, and goals. Open dialogue fosters a sense of community and understanding.


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 Benefits of building a parental support network

Well, you’re not only helping your child succeed in the 11 Plus exam but also creating a positive and nurturing community that can benefit everyone involved.
Together, you can empower your children to achieve their academic goals and face future challenges with confidence.