Our Grammar School Pros and cons

For many, it could come down to choosing between a grammar school or an independent school. Therefore, understanding some of the more subtle differences between the two may interest parents. Of course, both types offer a wonderful education for its students, academically as well as in a broader context.

Such is the level of competition for both that achieving a place at a grammar school is on par with an academic private school scholarship.
So, this is about

– focusing on the right fit.

– choosing a school to suit both your circumstances and your child’s personality.

Grammar schools pros and cons

Grammar schools

– offer an impressive, academically-focused

socially inclusive education

– without any (private school) fees

– almost exclusively limited to students who live close enough to a grammar school.

The 11 plus first-past-the-post system does not involve a report from the child’s current headteacher, nor an interview. Even then, passing the 11+ does not guarantee a place being offered. Since grammar school admissions criteria among local authorities may vary.

grammar schools’ focus on educational achievement

However, for those students who do meet the admissions criteria, they can look forward to an education with an emphasis on a strong work ethic allied to high achievement and aspirations. The focus is generally on more traditional academic subjects, with perhaps less capacity to branch away from core disciplines. It might be difficult, for example, to find a grammar school which offers Sociology or Ancient History at A level, or less commonly taught languages. Given the expectation for students to take responsibility for their own learning, even if your child is able to meet the entry criteria, you might wish to consider whether the demands will suit them. 

Grammar School pros Conclusion 

While grammar schools and independent schools both offer an education of the highest standard, ultimately the choice might depend upon the practical considerations of distance, economics, and/or academic ability. However, for families who do find themselves undecided, then perhaps this broad outline of some of the different features between grammar and independent schools may help you decide which might better suit your child.

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How can an 11+ Parental Support Network help me?

Well, a support network can help to:

  • Ensure you don’t miss any crucial information. same.
  • Keep everyone on track and accountable.
  • share concerns, seek advice, and find emotional support.
  • save time and money while providing diverse learning opportunities for your child.

11 plus Parental Support Network

  • Connect with other parents who are also navigating the 11 Plus journey. Sharing experiences, challenges, and successes can be incredibly reassuring.
  • Exchange valuable resources, such as practice materials, books, and online tools.
  • Consider forming or joining study groups with parents and children. Group study sessions can provide a motivating environment for kids and a chance for parents to discuss strategies.
  • Dealing with exam stress and the pressure to perform can be challenging for both children and parents.
  • When children see their peers working hard and making progress, it can motivate them to do the same.
  • Stay informed about important updates related to the 11 Plus exam, such as changes in exam formats or deadlines.
  • Share and celebrate each other’s achievements, no matter how small. Positive reinforcement can boost morale and keep everyone motivated.
  • Different families may have unique approaches to preparation. Learning from each other’s strategies can provide a well-rounded perspective on what works best for your child.
  • Create an environment where parents and children can openly discuss their concerns, fears, and goals. Open dialogue fosters a sense of community and understanding.


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 Benefits of building a parental support network

Well, you’re not only helping your child succeed in the 11 Plus exam but also creating a positive and nurturing community that can benefit everyone involved.
Together, you can empower your children to achieve their academic goals and face future challenges with confidence.