Want to improve your customer service skills?

Putting your customers first should not just be an empty echo of a marketing campaign you once saw. In it’s simplest terms it should be about building healthy relationships with your customers.

Customer Service Skills

Are you putting your customer first?

Welcome to ‘Do You Put Your Customers First’ survey.

In order to do this, you will need to make sure you understand your their needs (as with any relationship).  As this can become quite tricky, make sure that you not only use the right tools for this but know how to interpret these.

How can you put your customer first?

Firstly, create an avatar or persona of your customer. This will help you in understanding them much better. Not only will it give you a clearer picture of how to address your their needs. It will also be indicative of where you’ll find your customer. Which social platforms they hang out in and what their tastes are.

Secondly, make sure your whole team, from IT to Human Resource, have a customer focus.

Promote transparency. Even though you might not be able to grant a customer’s request, when they understand the reasoning and feel heard and understood, they will be able to accept this much easier. Transparency is key to creating trust.

Be persistent in your problem-solving. One method in which to approach this is the 5 Why Technique. It was developed by Sakichi Toyoda and used by Toyota. This technique, in essence, involves asking at leat 5 Why’s to what caused a problem. Subsequently to explore the cause-effect relationship underlying the problem at hand.

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