Our latest guest article on Mosaic Fit’s skills is another FREE PERSONALITY QUIZ; What are your decision-making skills?

What are your decision-making skills?

We have to make many decisions on a daily, even hourly basis. Looking at your decision-making style might be an insightful exercise, helping you towards more self-awareness.


Before wrapping up a meeting, I check the next actions are clear to all those present.

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What are your decision-making styles? In fact, how easy is it for you to come to your decisions. Not only that, but also can you stick to them?


How effective is your decision-making style? Woman holding up an apple and a pear.

How effective is your decision-making style?

There are so many decisions we have to make on a daily basis. To name but a few:

  • what to wear
  • what to eat for breakfast
  • to drink coffee or tea (or a variety of other drinks)
  • what transport to take
  • which clothes to buy
  • what to have for lunch/dinner
  • which book to read
  • which movie to watch

The list goes on and on. Of course, there are different kind of decisions to be made. However, some are the daily mundane ones like on the list. Of course, others are more longterm decisions like the ones below.

  • what subjects to choose,
  • which school to attend,
  • what to study after school
  • which career to go for
  • who to marry
  • where to settle
  • where to go on holiday

Why can decision-making be so difficult?

Some people can make these decisions on the spot without thinking about it. However, for others, it is a painful process. Subsequently, going through all the options. While weighing up all the possible consequences.
Only then, making calculated decisions. Struggling to make decisions can, of course, be a very debilitating situation. You can only think of a child having to choose one of a variety of sweets. Sometimes this indecisiveness or fear of making the wrong decision can be overwhelming.

Maybe as adults, we no longer burst out in tears at the thought of a difficult decision. However, many have sleepless nights relating to this. Also, mental stress and worry are very closely related to whether we make the right decisions.

In fact, not only whether we make the right decision. Also how quickly and effortlessly we make it. How well we stick to it. As well as whether we regret our decisions. How effective is your decision-making style? Not only that, but how happy are you with your decisions?

Decision making styles

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