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CAT4 school assessment

How the CAT4 is used on gifted child programs

On gifted children programs, it is more likely that gifted children will

  • Find peers who have similar pursuits;
  • Fit in better than in general classrooms.
  • Feel better and they comfortable about socialising and thereby making new friends.

Our specific CAT4 prep recommendations

We help CAT4 parents and CAT4 tutors to focus on preparing children to pass GL Assessment’s CAT4 test:

OLSAT practice tests children reading together

Our popular CAT4 samples

Use the following for more targeted section-based CAT 4 test practice:

Figure Analysis CAT4 sample questionsNumber Series sample CAT4 questions ,

Figure Matrices CAT 4 sample , CAT 4 Figure Classification sample , 

CAT 4 Number Analogies sample , Verbal Analogies CAT 4 sample questions ,

CAT 4 Verbal Classification sample and Figure Recognition CAT4 sample questions.

Our top two FREE CAT4 practice test resources:

  2. Practice quantitative CAT4 test of CAT4 Maths skills.


What other skills does the CAT4 assess?

The four key aptitude test areas are assessed. Each by two CAT4 sections, as detailed below:

1) CAT 4 Verbal Reasoning Skills assessment

is by the CAT 4 Verbal Analogies section and the Verbal Classification CAT 4 section.

2) CAT 4 Non-Verbal Reasoning Skills assessment

is by the CAT 4 Figure Recognition section and by the Figure Analysis CAT 4 section.

3) CAT 4 Quantitative Reasoning Skills assessment

is by the sections of the CAT4 Number Analogies and Number Series CAT 4.

4) CAT 4 Spatial Reasoning Skills assessment

is by the sections of the CAT4 Figure Classification and CAT 4 Figure Matrices.


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