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FREE Big Five personality self-assessment

Answer each of the 12 questions below using this rating scale;

Score 1 for Very Unlike Me; 2 for Like Me; 3 for Neither Like Nor Unlike Me; 4 for Like Me; and 5 for Very Like Me.

The personality characteristic of (INSERT QUESTION TEXT) is… rating 1/2/3/4 or 5.

Q1 – Initiating a conversation with a stranger.

Q2 – Checking those that I’m meeting, or working with, are doing OK.

Q3 – Using my creative skills to create something original.

Q4 – Scheduling or planning more than one day in advance.

Q5 – Feeling out of sorts.

Q6 – Planning a social event with family and/or friends.

Q7 – Telling someone exactly what I think.

Q8 – Reading something spiritual or philosophical.

Q9 – Allowing things to become disorganised.

Q10 – Worrying unnecessarily about something.

Q11 – Doing something cultural.

Q12 – Empathizing with how someone else is feeling.


You can use the rating scale points for all questions except for two questions. For questions 7 and 9 you need to reverse the scale, as shown here:

Score 5 for Very Unlike Me; 4 for Like Me; 3 for Neither Like Nor Unlike Me; 2 for Like Me; and 1 for Very Like Me.

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