Welcome to our University admissions skills test practice, including the NWEA MAP test practice and NWEA MAP test prep tips.

University admissions skills test practice

Getting admission to universities often comes with the requirement of an admission test which is mandatory for most business schools and educational institutions in recent times.

IThese are some of the things that are arguably the most important ones. Many courses require the admission test to be done within a certain month of the year, for example by 15th October for business courses in UK-based universities.
All applicants should be aware of the fact that the courses they are willing to study come with a requirement for admission tests.

2023 BMAT September and November Sessions:

One should keep in mind that the University of Oxford will only be accepting results from BMAT for A100 and MC98 Biomedical sciences for the month of November 2023.

2023 BMAT candidates that are appearing for the A101 Medicine course may choose the September or November session by appearing on the BMAT admission test. However, one should not appear in both of the months, or else that will be a conflicting matter in terms of getting admission for Biomedical sciences at Cambridge.

Which university admission test will be better and which one should an applicant take? 

The basic understanding behind admission tests in determining the strength of a particular student over another is based on the questions answered and the personal interview.

Through this scrutiny process, the educational institutions build up a profile of a student, and based on this they create the top applicants. How well a student performs on these tests alongside a personal statement from the applicant’s end is what builds up the image of the individual in the eyes of the university.

Certain colleges offer a particular course better than the other ones through an extensive and tailored syllabus and brilliant faculty.

Before a student appears for an admission test, they should be determined enough to understand the prospects for that course and based on that they should look for the school or university that they going to study at.

After all this analysis, the applicant should consider sitting for the admission test. If the wrong college is selected or even worse if the wrong course is selected, it might be catastrophic for the student.

university admissions skills test practice resources

Oxbridge Admissions Tests

Dos and Don’ts

  • Do choosing the right course that you are passionate about.
  • Practice discussing the subject with teachers and students.
  • Don’t give false data on the application form.
  • Do not provide multiple names in the preferred college/colleges section on the form.
  • Don’t judge the Oxbridge application system to be unfair because you were unsuccessful.

There are multiple universities out there in the world and Oxford is a renowned one for almost all academic courses. It is an honour itself if somebody gets selected in that university, rest aside the courses they are studying for. Before even applying for courses at Oxford, it is important to plan regarding the application process.

Since Oxford is an English university, it is important to understand that the rules and regulations will be different from the North American and Asian ones.

The whole admission and selection process is done based on merit only, however, there is some minute difference from the non-UK universities that matters a lot.

Oxford Application tips

  • The very first step is choosing the right course for yourself. For example, if someone is passionate about English literature, should be not applying for a science or technical degree.
  • So, it is important to visit the roots of one’s self and then choose a course accordingly. Alongside the main subject, many other subjects come combined with a single course, so it is important to check the suitability of studying the rest of the subjects.
  • For instance, a science course will contain the main physics of chemistry subject and alongside it, there will be some literature and arts-based mandatory subjects which form a part of the whole course.
  • This group of subjects might differ from university to university. All in all, the universities prepare the students for the worst possible scenario so that they can be at their very best.
  • Secondly, checking the entrance requirements is important for all students to understand what category they fall in and accordingly they can start modifying their application process. The information is available online and also will be provided to students who are opting for offline applications.
  • There is no in-depth knowledge provided in the study courses. It is just an insight into the study program that is going to be followed over the coming months.
  • The fourth step is visiting different colleges first and then building an understanding of areas where they lack might be better and different from the university that applicants are aiming for.

Attending Oxford College Open Days

  • One can attend college open days which are usually held in universities such as Oxford and Cambridge.
  • This step is quite valuable as it will assist the student in building an expectation from the university in the first and accordingly decisions can be taken.
  • If an applicant is lacking in certain areas, there is no better time than now to rectify them and make them their own strength.
  • The sixth step is writing a personal statement. A personal statement is an integral part of the application process as it is written to justify why an application will be required. It is important while getting admission to both universities and colleges.
  • One will have to write why they want to study a particular course and also why in that particular college or university they are writing.
  • It should portray the interest of the person in that course and also how the college will be beneficial towards achieving the goal. Furthermore, one will also have to display in writing what kind of skills and qualities they possess.
  • The UCAS board runs with a motto to assist students in selecting the right academic course for them, so it functions like a major counselling office. The income of these groups comes from the application fees that are paid by the applicants.

Oxford Admissions test prep

  • The eighth step is preparing for the admission test. There is usually no hard and fast rule to follow any lesson learned during the previous academic courses, so any kind of the out of syllabus knowledge will surely come in handy.
  • Furthermore, all applicants must have some understanding of all the affairs going on in their nation or even in other countries.
  • The next step is correlated with the previous one it involves preparation for the interview. The personal interview is an important selection criterion among colleges such as Oxford and Cambridge and being in the top 10-15 among the people appearing for the interview is very important.
  • The last tip is remembering all the dates of the interview, examinations, or any projects that the students are being asked to work on and complete.
  • Missing any deadline will definitely build a negative impression on a student and it will have further effects on the admission of that particular student.
  • The above-highlighted points can significantly help students to get admission to the university.
  • However, it is also important for each student to prepare themselves and polish their skills in order to create a better chance to get enrolled in the university