Welcome to our UKiSET test practice, a guest article on Mosaic Fit’s skills.

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Developing your UKiSET exam skills

  • Your child maintains a healthy balance between preparation, relaxation, and other activities they enjoy?
  • Plenty of emotional support is offered throughout the UKiSET preparation process.
  • UKiSET tutors offer their own expertise.

UKiSET skills

As a parent, here are some UKiSET strategies that might help your child succeed in the UKiSET exam for entry to an international school.

Make sure your child understands the format of their UKiSET exam, including the different UKiSET sections and UKiSET question types. This will help them feel more comfortable on their UKiSET examination day.

  • Encourage your child to practice regularly with sample papers or practice tests. This will help them become familiar with the types of questions they might encounter and improve their time management skills.
  • Focus on improving English language skills, as a significant part of the exam assesses language proficiency. Encourage reading English books, newspapers, and practicing speaking and writing in English.
  • Help your child brush up on their math skills and non-verbal reasoning abilities. Practice puzzles, brain teasers, and math problems to enhance their cognitive skills.
  • Teach your child effective time management techniques. Remind them to allocate time for each section and move on if they’re stuck on a particular question..
  • Consider organizing mock exams at home to simulate the actual testing environment. This can help your child become more comfortable with the pressure of timed testing.
  • After practicing and taking UKiSET mock exams, review the answers with your child. Discuss any mistakes they made and help them understand where they went wrong.

KEY UKiSET facts

The UKiSET exam is designed to assess your child’s readiness for studying in an international school in the UK. It evaluates their academic skills, language proficiency, and cognitive abilities.

It consists of sections that assess English language skills, mathematical ability, non-verbal reasoning, and cognitive skills. Understanding the format and content of each section can help your child prepare effectively.

The exam is timed, so it’s crucial for your child to manage their time wisely. Encourage them to allocate a specific amount of time to each section and question.

Regular UKiSET practice with UKiSET sample papers and mock exams is essential. It helps your child become familiar with the types of questions they’ll face and boosts their confidence.

Since English is a key component of the exam, ensure your child’s English language skills are strong. Reading English books, watching English shows, and engaging in conversations can help improve their language proficiency.

Sharpen your child’s math skills and non-verbal reasoning abilities. Engaging in puzzles, brain teasers, and math problems can enhance their cognitive skills.

How your child can Achieve their full UKiSET potential on UKiSET exam day

  • On the day of the exam, make sure your child gets enough rest and has a nutritious meal.
  • Arrive at the exam center early to avoid any last-minute stress.
  • Encourage your child to maintain a positive attitude.
  • Remind them that while the exam is important, their best effort is what truly matters.
  •  Discuss how they can stay focused and manage any nerves during the exam.

Once the UKiSET results are released, celebrate your child’s effort regardless of the outcome.

Remember that the exam is just one part of the admission process, and there are other factors the school considers.