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Assessing your remote working skills is a great idea! What specific skills or aspects of remote work are you looking to evaluate or improve? Time management, communication, tech proficiency, or something else?

Developing a Hybrid team’s support skills

Improving employee engagement has become a top priority for business leaders. A recent McKinsey report found that during the pandemic business who supported and encouraged “small moments of engagement” among their employees, moments in which coaching, mentorship, idea sharing, and coworking take place, tended to see increased engagement, productivity and levels of well-being in their staff.

In order to attract and retain talent, engaging employees needs to be a top priority. Value your workforce, empower and trust them and you’ll receive the reward and positive impact of a productive, loyal and collaborative team.

Find out more about how to adopt a new mindset and strategy about employee engagement in hybrid working environments.

Drive Engagement. Strive for Achievement.

Course content:

  • What is engagement and why should we focus on it?
  • The psychology of engagement, motivation factors and enablers
  • Simple tools for supporting engagement
  • A different way of measuring engagement

Team support training