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How Do I Get My Child to Read More?

Reading is such a fundamental starting block for any learning. It is the main channel for learning in most schools or educational settings and a necessity for future academic achievement in mainstream education.

Children are however not always ready for the world of reading by the time they go to school. The reason for this is as important as the solution. Some of these reasons or causes for why they may not be susceptible to the world of reading are exactly what you need to identify in order to find the best solutions.

A younger sibling might feel intimidated by the reading ability of the older. Best solutions would include reading separately with the younger sibling to build their confidence.


Reading allows your child to expand his or her vocabulary beyond the typical range of topics; as the old adage goes, reading truly does broaden the mind. The 11 Plus has been known to feature words like ‘dormitory’, which are challenging because they are slightly old fashioned.

Unless your child is one of a small minority that goes to boarding school, he or she is very unlikely to have come across this word in everyday speech. Unless of course, your child has read Harry Potter. Whether it be the latest instalment of Percy Jackson or something nonfiction, (We would recommend the Horrible History series for some light-hearted factual reading) as long as your child is engaged in the subject, reading will always be a useful exercise, and hopefully, a fun and enriching one.

In general it’s better to allow your child to choose his or her own reading material, as it will ultimately become frustrating if they come to see reading as a chore.


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