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Psychometric test design skills used in the Angoff method

The Angoff method is a widely recognized approach used in the standardization of school exams and setting pass marks. Here are some of its applications:

  1. In a university science test for upper secondary students (Grade 13), a panel of experts used the Angoff method to set four cut scores. They employed two variations of the method: the Yes/No Angoff method for multiple choice items and the extended Angoff method for complex multiple choice items​​.
  2. The Angoff method is known for its reliability in determining cut scores for student assessments. However, its implementation can be challenging in resource-limited settings due to the need for numerous experts​​.
  3. The Medical Schools Council Assessment Alliance (MSCAA) has utilized the Angoff method for standard setting in undergraduate examinations. For example, twenty-three teaching faculty from Imperial College School of Medicine were trained to use the Angoff method for setting standards in undergraduate exams​​.
  4. The method involves a group of experts assessing the difficulty of each exam item to determine the cut-off score. This score then separates students into those who pass and those who fail​​.
  5. The Angoff method is also used in high-stakes settings such as the General Medical Council tests for non-UK, non-EU doctors wishing to practice in the UK, and for the USMLE Step 1 exam. Despite its widespread use, the method poses several challenges​​.

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