Welcome to Mosaic‘s Hybrid Team feature with specialist contributions from Rob Williams Assessment.

Hybrid team skills development

Assessing your remote working skills is a great idea! What specific skills or aspects of remote work are you looking to evaluate or improve? Time management, communication, tech proficiency, or something else?

Working as a team remains one of the most important assets for a business striving to achieve its ambitions. The traditional, in-office experience afforded plenty of opportunities, from formal ones (all those in-person meetings) to impromptu interactions in places like the coffee machine or canteen.  Good will and cohesiveness could be built through less frequent impactful team outings or corporate events.

Executive surveys agreed that most important action they can take to transform work is that of building an organisational culture that celebrates growth, adaptability and resilience. Companies should foster a connected culture in this new era of the hybrid workforce.

A well-connected leader, you seek to instil a culture of connectedness and collaboration within your business.

Improve Connectivity. Deliver Growth.

Course content:

  • Building a (hybrid) team
  • Creating Trust
  • Agreeing and Delivering Effective Communications
  • Assigning Accountability and Measuring Outcomes