Welcome to Mosaic‘s feature with specialist contributions from Rob Williams Assessment, effective Remote Working.

Remote Worker effectiveness

We’ve published a remote leader assessment , based upon our own assessment research for a hybrid work model.

Similarly, based upon the latest well-being research, we also offer both hybrid team development and well-being consultancy development.

woman working at desk hybrid work skills


Remote Worker engagement

Hybrid work skills 2021

1. Self-Management Skills

  • Employers need to establish the hybrid working model which works best for individual staff.
  • Bearing in mind the full range of ‘family’ / personal life differences in individual employee preferences.
  • Then, once preferences are discussed are recognised, the employer needs to support these hybrid working options.
  • Generally speaking, younger staff often value the social interaction of the office.

Remote Worker engagement

2. Time Management Skills

  • Learning how to manage your time is an important skill when you’re working from home.
  • In a hybrid environment, employees and managers need to set priorities hour by hour, day by day, and week by week, and structure their time to address the most important tasks.
  • Technology fatigue can happen in a virtual office, and an employee’s ability to set aside time for self care is more important in a hybrid environment.

Hybrid work skills 2021

3. Adaptability

  • Individual hybrid workers must assess what they ‘need’ from the times they are in their office.
  • Plus, what type of projects work best for them when working remotely.
  • Naturally, one would expect that hybrid workers’ office days, or half-days, would focus on colleague engagement activities. Many hybrid working offices are now offering such common spaces.
  • There needs to be flexibility so that hybrid workers can move back and forth between virtual remote and physical environments.