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So, what are executive assessments?

Well, executive Assessment is one of the most widely used occupational/organizational psychology services offered in the USA, the UK and numerous other Western countries (Fletcher, 2011a; Silzer & Jeanneret, 2011).

  • Typically, an executive assessment, or individual psychometric assessment (IPA) involves an assessor.
  • This trained psychologist uses a battery of psychometric measures and/or exercises, along with an in-depth interview, to form an assessment of an individual.
  • That assessment is usually integrated in a written report and this is fed into the final selection decision as one piece of evidence rather than as a deciding factor.
  • IPAs are also widely used for development purposes, to provide the person assessed with a profile of their strengths and development needs.
  • Despite this wide use by an evidence-based profession, the research support for IPAs is thin.

Executive assessment criticisms

Such Executive assessments have been subject to criticism both on grounds of reliability and validity (Highhouse, 2002; Kuncel & Highhouse, 2011; Ryan & Sackett, 1998). This has to be put in the context of a paucity of valida- tion evidence in general (Silzer & Jeanneret, 2011).

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