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Interpreting the Verbal Reasoning Thinking Styles of pupils

  • The CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Battery necessarily requires some reading ability. However, CAT 4 limits the reading requirements to a modest level throughout.
  • Hence, the vocabulary demands of the CAT4 Verbal Analogies and CAT4 Verbal Classification tests have been kept as low as possible.
  • Consequently, scores on the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Battery will usually reflect students’ ability to use words as a medium of thought.
  • The exceptions will be when students have poor reading skills or grew up apart from mainstream UK society.
  • All the instructions for the CAT 4 batteries are presented orally to students. So any influence of reading skills is limited solely to the items in the CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Battery.

What do the other three CAT4 batteries assess?

The CAT4 Verbal Reasoning Battery assesses reasoning ability with words representing objects or concepts. The CAT4 assessments in this CAT4 battery do not focus on the physical properties of the words themselves, such as the alphabetical position of their first letters.

Likewise, the CAT4 Quantitative Reasoning Battery assesses reasoning with numbers, with the numbers representing the relevant numerical concept,  rather  than being used for their physical properties such as whether they consist of two  digits or one.

The CAT4 Nonverbal Reasoning and CAT4 Spatial Ability Batteries are somewhat different in that the shapes themselves are the focus of the assessment rather than the shapes symbolising something else.

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