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Data security skills

Inspiring answers by Indi Birak, one of our STEM Careers for Women in Data Ambassadors on her life and working as a Managing Security Consultant.

1. Introduction to Managing Security Consultancy career

Indi Birak talks about her life and career path to becoming a Managing Security Consultant.

2. What is something about you people might not know?

I have a red belt in Karate 

3. What are your hobbies?

Reading and spending time with my family, shopping!!!

4. What did you want to be when you were growing up?


Indi Birak as Managing Security Consultant

5. Who was your biggest influence growing up?… who were your role models?

My parents, worked hard to achieve what they have and I wanted to show them that their hard work, support and encouragement were worth it by making sure I too worked hard and progressed with my education and pursued my career.

Our STEM Careers for Women Ambassadors

6. What were your favourite subjects at school?

Maths and Art.

7. What were your least favourite subjects at school?


8. How did you come to choose your current career path or were you led to it?

Following a student placement whilst studying for my degree, I worked in an information security team and learnt about security and industry good practice standards and really enjoyed it. It wasn’t something we learned during my business information systems degree.

Data security skills

9. What are the biggest changes in the world of work (for women) that you are excited about?

Opportunities and variety of choices; the support and encouragement from peers and management and the ability to work flexibly. , people have started to listen, and change is happening, but there is still a lot to be done.

10. Would you say having a degree is the only path to a successful career? 

Whilst it is the path that I took, it is not the only path. Apprenticeships; starting at entry-level and working your way up are also valid paths, as are changing careers and using transferable skills. You need to be dedicated and put the work in and not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. You need passion, commitment and drive and determination, with a desire to learn.  

11. Would you say there are opportunities for women entrepreneurs in your career?

Digital technology and social media make it more accessible to set up our own businesses and be entrepreneurs.

12. What advice would you give your younger self and school leavers today?

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone, in relation to work and education, if you are nervous, use that energy to drive you forward and if you are unsure, ask! No one knows the answer to everything.

Data security skills

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