When kids use technology there’s always a potential threat. Whether if it was their personal information. Or the account information of their parents. Kids and technology should always have enhanced protection. Whether they are surfing the web. Or just playing games. Kids should not be exposed to the evils of what technology can bring.

cyber security

When looking at the technology that kids are using these days, it’s hard not to imagine that they are entirely safe online. This should never be an issue, but unfortunately in the world we live in, people are always looking for ways to take advantage of others. Kids being the most vulnerable are easy targets for attackers that are wanting to go after them.

Cyber-security threats Part II

In our opinion, it’s best to use device settings to limit the capabilities of their devices based on the age of the user. This is a great thing to have since we are not going to be able to prevent our kids from using technology. In today’s world, we are ever more technology-centric. Hence, kids are more comfortable with it as an everyday part of their lives.

It is my belief that if attackers target or use or access the data of minors in any way they should be penalized more harshly than if they were to access an adult. If the data has not been compromised in any way, it usually gets a higher price on the dark web. There should be a higher price to pay when that data is compromised. Instead of effecting someone for maybe 20 to 30 years, it could be over 75 years of detrimental damage.

We are not going to stop our kids from using technology. However, we can take steps to keep them safe. Whether that is limiting the types of access that are allowed or the content available. We should take whatever steps are needed to protect our most precious assets, our kids.


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