Welcome to our guide to understanding the CEM Select pass marks for each entry year is crucial for prospective students and parents.

CEM select test practice

Guide to CEM Select pass marks

The CEM Select assessments are an integral part of the admissions process for many selective schools in the UK. But, how …

do CEM Select and CEM exams differ?

  • A brief overview of what CEM Select assessments are.
  • The subjects and skills assessed.
  • The role of CEM Select in selective school admissions.





CEM Select Pass Marks by Entry Year

  • An explanation that pass marks can vary by school and year.
  • A table or list format displaying the typical pass marks required for each school year entry (e.g., Year 7, Year 9) for a selection of well-known selective schools.
  • A note explaining that pass marks can change annually and are influenced by the cohort’s performance.
  • A disclaimer that the information provided is based on historical data and that specific schools should be consulted for the most accurate and up-to-date information.


Preparation Tips for CEM Select and CEM Select test practice

  • Strategies for preparing for CEM Select assessments.
  • Recommended resources and study materials.
  • Advice on managing test anxiety and time management.

Comprehensive guide on CEM Select pass marks required for entry into selective schools.

CEM Select test practice.