Welcome to Mosaic‘s feature on bespoke psychometric test design with specialist contributions from School entrance tests and Rob Williams Assessment, Careers needing English Skills.

Our Careers needing English Skills


  • Discussing ideas for a cake recipe
  • Making a complaint about a delivery
  • Making contributions as part of a team
  • Writing a professional response to a complaint
  • Responding to a customer’s request and checking spelling


  • Identifying main points and ideas in a text
  • Using specialist words and expressing opinions with evidence
  • Writing a letter using emotive language, direct address and repetition
  • Using headings, bullet points and making the text flow
  • Using modal verbs and giving information clearly


  • Asking questions, reading an invoice and making notes
  • Using speaking and note-taking skills to help communication
  • Following a task list and building rapport with a client
  • Working from a written specification
  • Planning, writing and proofreading a quotation


  • Looking for the main points in a text and writing in detail
  • Asking questions, using specialist words and writing using subheadings
  • Reading headings and specialist words to find information in a text
  • Using complex sentences and responding to detailed questions
  • Reading reference materials and using relevant detail in writing

Hair and beauty

  • Persuasive language and choosing the right tone
  • Questions, formatting and checking for errors
  • Asking the right questions and keeping records
  • Evaluating texts and choosing the right tone
  • Offering ideas, using words to attract attention and giving feedback

Health and social care

  • Sharing ideas in a team and putting them into practice
  • Asking the right questions and keeping a patient calm
  • Communicating clearly and solving a problem quickly
  • Asking questions to solve a problem
  • Communicating clearly to help a customer


  • Asking questions and writing accurately
  • Dealing with a complaint confidently
  • Offering ideas and proofreading a proposal
  • Responding to an email order and checking spelling
  • Sharing ideas and promoting products online

Sport and leisure

  • Asking questions and using sources
  • Presenting information clearly
  • Reading and making notes
  • Writing style and proofreading
  • Checking feedback and offering ideas