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2024 AQA GCSE Psychology past papers

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2022 Psychology AQA GCSE Mark Schemes

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What is Psychology GCSE?

GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an academically / subject based qualification. Students in England and Wales study towards this over a 2 year period, Year 10 and 11. The idea of GCSEs is to give you a broad general knowledge, from where you can then become specialised in your A-levels.

When is Psychology GCSE?

Yearly GCSE exams take place between May and June.

What happens to my GCSE Psychology results?

Your GCSE subject choices and subsequently the results you get can affect the following:

  • the sixth form you go to
  • the qualifications you take next
  • your eligibility for a university course
  • which university you can apply to
  • your career prospects

What do Psychology GCSE number grades mean?

  • The highest grade awarded is GCSE grade 9.
  • With the lowest being GCSE grade 1.
  • The top GCSE grades 9, 8 and 7 are equivalent to the old fashioned GCSE grade A* and GCSE grade A.

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