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London grammar schools by Borough  

There are 19 grammar schools in London and Greater London, located in the following boroughs. Barnet: 3 selective schools (1 boys, 2 girls’ schools.) Bexley: 4 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls, 2 mixed schools.) Bromley: 2 selective schools (1 boys. 1 girls’ school.) Enfield: 1 selective school (mixed.) Kingston upon Thames: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Redbridge: 2 selective schools (1 boys, 1 girls’ school.) Sutton: 5 selective schools (3 boys, 2 girls’ schools.)

11 Plus Test Practice

UK Grammar School Education and its Requirements

If you are looking to get your child into a UK-based grammar school, then there are a few things that you will need to know. Any grammar school in Europe is like a secondary education in the UK and that is focused on admitting individuals on the basis of merit.

There will be an entrance exam that will be conducted in the 6th year of their education and individuals with the highest scores will be eligible to join the school. There are three different types of schools out there such as secondary schools, technical schools and finally, and grammar schools. The primary education that is focused on in these schools is grammar and there is nothing demanding in joining such schools. 

Are Grammar Schools Free?

One of the best features of grammar schools is that they are free. In a private school, students will have to pay a certain amount of session and tuition fees for getting a basic education.

There are a few grammar schools out there that also come with boarding facilities that will also require parents to pay if their child is using the boarding provisions provided by the state.

What kind of entrance test is required to get into a Grammar Schools?

Grammar schools are quite academically precise regarding the students they are admitting and the selection criteria are based on performance on the entrance examination and nothing else. These exams are conducted in the 6th year of primary school which is the final year. On the basis of these exams, the students will get admission to grammar schools. The 11+ will assess the children to a certain extent as well and there are some common subjects that will come into account which are English, Mathematics, and non-verbal and verbal reasoning. The tool used for conducting such examinations is the GL assessment method, which is a common entrance examination method in the UK. 

What are the benefits of Grammar Schools?

Since grammar schools only select the best out of the group, it is quite evident that these folks will be achieving more than the rest at GCSE and A-level examinations. The folks at grammar schools will be performing at their best since they are coming with an achieversmindset and their constant focus will be to perform at their best. Research proves that more than 25% of the first list of top academic students in the UK prefer visiting grammar schools compared to other ones. The problem with non-selective schools is that there are more mixed-ability classes which will evidently slow down the pace of the teaching for these students.

What are the Disadvantages of Grammar Schools?

With advantages, disadvantages also come and one of the common mishaps that take place in such schools is the unnecessary stress at the primary school level. While a student is studying for their primary school final, they will also have to focus on their admission test studies for a grammar school, which will also be conducted in the same year. The children will be working on their cognitive skills that will be between the age of 10 and 11 and in the cases of late developers, children that are born towards the end of the school year will face a major disadvantage.

What is the Application Process for Grammar Schools?

The application procedure for grammar schools is not actually that complicated. The key admission dates will be different from one school to another and it is very important for checking the target schools first-hand before the child begins their application process, the dates will have to be tracked. Most of the grammar schools will have the same schedule more or less.

Registering for the 11 plus– the first step is registering for the 11+ examination and one will have to get the details from an overall list or the website of a target school. There are many local authorities as well that will arrange the information for the students and also give out the details regarding where the school or schools are located. The process is basically an open registration process and it will begin for a child when he or she is just in year 5 of primary school. The deadline usually ends in June of the year 5, however, a grace period is provided which extends the deadline till September. 

11 plus exam

Taking the 11+ examination– after registration and preparing for the examination, a test takes place in September of the 6th Year of primary school. The results are out in October only and the examinations take place usually on a weekend so that the student gets time to attend their normal school classes. 

Applying for the school– selecting the targeted school beforehand is quite important. One will need to list the preferred school on the secondary school application from CAF and it is usually issued by the local authorities. One should be listing down their preferred grammar schools only and not put the names of all the schools. The former will result in voiding the application.

Allocation of School Places Parents can find which place is allocated to their child on a given specific date such as 1st March 2024. Based on fulfilling the entry criteria, the child will have a better opportunity to get allocation in their highest-preferred school. Also, if the target school of the child is oversubscribed and failing to meet the oversubscription criteria then they will be given a place at another school in their area.

Personalised 11 Plus Preparation

There are many different programs out there that will assist your child in preparing for their entrance examination. There are a number of websites, where they will be able to avail mock examinations, preparation material and expert guidance. In addition, Atom Nucleus is an online 11 plus practice platform that can be used by the students for preparing for grammar school exams. They can work independently through more than 90000 interactive practice questions in Maths, English, non-verbal and verbal reasoning.

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