Welcome to Mosaic‘s feature with specialist digital well-being contributions from School Entrance Tests and Rob Williams Assessment.

Our Well-Being Training

Here’s Mosaic Partnership’s best practice features for well-being initiatives.

  • Designed to boost the health and well-being of employees.
  • Have the end goal of improving employee morale.
  • As well as boosting engagement, enhancing company performance.
  • Plus, cutting down on employee absenteeism
  • Or in some cases employee presenteeism.

Much has happened over the past decade with regards to introducing employee well-being into the workplace.

Well-Being Strategies

These do not need to be complicated. In fact the simpler the strategy the easier it is to implement. This Mosaic Partnership workshop:

  1. Offers an opportunity to work with other leaders on reviewing your existing well-being strategies.
  2. And/Or will help you to develop a new well-being initiative.
  3. Helps align thinking with the latest research and well-being best practice.

Course content:

  • Identify signs of poor wellbeing when working from home
  • Thinks differently about wellbeing strategies to account for home workers
  • Communicates wellbeing support to everyone in the business
  • Takes a holistic approach to workplace wellbeing

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