The virtual career fair is also termed an online job fair. It is an online event where employers and individuals searching for jobs meet and interact virtually via teleconferencing, webinars, or chat rooms. Here the details regarding the fairs are spread through emails. It is a very effective process that takes place at a certain time on a specific channel.

Virtual career fairs help in bulk-hiring with highly skilled individuals having proper certifications. It is most common in industries like information technology and healthcare. It has no geographical barrier; everyone can take part in the event from anywhere.

Before Attending Virtual Career Fairs

Preparing a brief and impactful resume is a must. The Resume showcases your efficiency, your background, your qualifications, and your skills. It is a weapon for the recruiters to hunt the best candidates. Once the resume is prepared, it needs to be uploaded to various sites like LinkedIn, Jobcase, Meetup, handshake, etc. To take part in the career fairs, it is imperative to register and sign up on the employer’s page with all the relevant details asked. It helps in getting the information about the upcoming sessions.

Before enrolling in any fairs, it is very important to do better research regarding the employers and opportunities available. Being proactive and keeping a proper tap on the upcoming sessions going to be conducted by the employers is a major task to do.

How Virtual Career Fairs Work

Candidates can take part in one 1:1 session with an organizer/representative. However, there is no limitation to joining the group sessions. Candidates can attend as many sessions as they can with the same employer while the organizer or the representatives are different. The group sessions conducted on handshake automatically disables the candidate’s video and audio when there are over 15 candidates.

It is to manage the capacity and preserve the quality of the session. A live webinar continues during the entire session and it enabled the chat options for any question and concerns. Anytime the candidates and the employer can switch on/off their cameras.

Attending Virtual Career Fairs

The focal point is to prioritize the employers. Candidates often get invites from various employers and it sometimes creates an issue while managing the time. Being more than one session is scheduled on the same date and time from different organizers.

Following an elevator pitch strategy while self-introduction is an art. A brief and crisp speech about who you are, what do you do, what are your skills can spark interest in your candidature. The employers in the fair can be impressed and would love to hear more. Seeking help from Career center counselors or taking advice from the peers’ help in mastering this pitch.

It is advised to use google chrome as it is compatible with most of the applications. It is also a good practice to join the session at least 10 minutes prior. This way one can check and fix any technical issue beforehand. While attending the fair, closing all the irrelevant tabs is a healthy practice and everybody should follow. A complete guide is shared across the candidates. Reading it carefully and following each of the instructions have made people achieve their desired objectives through the fair.

Things to Follow During the Virtual Career Fairs

Some observe that logging early than the scheduled time leaves a positive impression on the employers as they see that the individual values time. They also suggest assembling in a quiet and bright place to avoid any distractions. Even if the interview is virtual, dressing up appropriately like a professional adds extra brownie points.

Once the virtual job fair is finished, sending a thank you email to the company’s representative is the best way to draw attention. They take positively when the individuals mention 2-3 takeaways from the entire session. Candidates can also connect with the representatives they interacted with on LinkedIn.

Benefits of Virtual Career Fairs

A virtual career fair is a brilliant way in this dynamic working environment. It helps the companies to find suitable and talented candidates. It helps in improving the efficiency of recruitment techniques. The exchange of information is effortlessly hassle-free with the secured live chat options.  Candidates get to explore various other fields and are not limited to just one thing.

It can be concluded that a virtual career fair is not that simple, it needs to be organized properly with excellent hosting platforms. A virtual career fair helps the exhibitors to learn a lot from the fair. It is cost-effective and time-saving. It is beyond any geographical barrier.

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