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Are you setting up a hybrid work culture or looking to align your business with best practice in the sector? Despite more and more businesses embrace of a hybrid model, most organisations have only begun to consider and articulate the specifics of how to deliver more permanent strategies and policies on remote and on-site working for all roles that aren’t essential to perform on-site.

As a result, many of your employees may feel anxious, rebellious or disengaged. The continuing success of pandemic-style productivity gains might well depend on how organizational leaders lead and drive employee initiatives that make the individual feel valued, kept engaged and productive.

Your leadership makes the difference to fully capitalise on the opportunities that digital and hybrid working environment affords to growing businesses.

Think Flexible Working.  Deliver Success.

Course content:

  • Exploring challenges that a remote/hybrid team face today
  • Setting key performance requirements for success
  • Starting a remote/hybrid team, or recruiting someone new
  • Balancing well-being and performance
  • Digital tools and well-being support for remote/hybrid teams

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