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There are a variety of jobs in music. These include

  • musician
  • producing music
  • singer
  • teaching

Many individuals are making a living in the music industry. Music festivals create several jobs for artists and behind-the-scenes workers such as sound engineers. These professionals’ responsibility is to ensure the success of festivals. Another career in this category is being a music manager tasked with making sure that artists and songwriters get paid when television or radio stations play their songs.

Examples of these roles

Below we list some options within this career field. You might want to consider a few of these if jobs in music is what you are looking for. However the possibilities are endless, speak to people in the fields of interest to you. Your best advice will come from those that are involved in the industry.

Jobs in Music - Musician


Jobs in Music - music producer

Music Producer

Jobs in Music - Music Teacher

Music Teacher

How to find Jobs in Music

Jobs in music are very competitive and varied.  Not everyone can be the next Ed Sheeran or Billy Eilish and often a career in music might take many twists and turns. Therefore make sure you are aware of all your options within this field. Even if your chosen path is not as successful as you wish, there are many options to be successful within the world of music. With the great diversity of roles within this field, there are a variety of options when it comes to the level of education. Keep an eye on

  • Our own Job Listings
  • Career Guidance Tips
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Various other reputable career websites

Of course, a background in music is preferable, however, a love for it can’t be forced. Make sure to speak to various people within the industry to make sure you have a clear idea of all the options available to you. Most importantly make sure you look at all the possible jobs in music.

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