Welcome to Mosaic‘s feature including specialist contributions from School entrance tests and Rob Williams Assessment, Maths skills careers.

Maths / Digital Skills Careers

  • Automotive
  • Business administration
  • Catering
  • Construction
  • Hair and beauty
  • Health and social care
  • Retail
  • Sport and leisure

Learn the basics

  • Addition and use of the column method
  • Subtracting numbers using the column and chunking method
  • Multiplication using the grid method and repeated addition
  • Dividing numbers equally and dealing with remainders
  • Place value and decimal places
  • Simplifying and multiplying ratios
  • Dividing whole things into fractions
  • Working out percentages of an amount and price discounts
  • Decimal numbers and the decimal point

Problem-solving tools

  • Using bar modelling to find the best supermarket deal
  • Working out how much paint is needed using bar modelling
  • Calculating a 10% tip in a restaurant using place value columns
  • Using a timeline to calculate how long it will take to get to work
  • Scaling up a cake recipe using a fraction wall