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We understand how stressful entrance exams can be and therefore want to level the playing field for those who can’t afford tutors / private education.

We also create fun and effective 10-minute tests in the form of quizzes. Through these, we aim to get children to practice exam questions within time restraints. At the same time, they can review the feedback to their answers. This gives children more personal responsibility for their own learning.

Student Careers Service

There is a Student Careers Service on nearly every university campus. It is made up of a team of people with a wide knowledge of the work environment who are dedicated to helping their students and offering guidance which gives the students the best chance in fulfilling their career aspirations.

How Personality Type Affects Your Career

It may even have defined your career choice. In our opinion, most ENTJs prefer leadership roles and managing work projects.

Our Graduate Career Service Guide

Personality type career guidance

We all know one person who loves the job. Another who just hates upper management politics. another who doesn’t want to deal with people.

Can you get promoted in a way that keeps you using your personality authentically? Unfortunately, to be successful you have to understand first your personality type. Secondly, the way it will interact with the people around you.

Personality type career mismatches

Your personality type certainly affects the way you think and act. Plus, other people’s perceptions of you.

This isn’t a complicated idea, but it is a critical one. Your personality type and any misperceptions others have about it are likely to self perpetuate and drive your career. It’s a feedback loop, regardless of whether or not it’s positive or negative; if you’re unhappy with your job and others know it, you’re likely to become more unhappy about your job. If your personality type doesn’t fit your job, you’re likely to be unhappy there.

Personality type career guidance

Career success requires finding a job that matches your personality traits. The idea becomes doubly true once you start moving up the ladder. This is why you can guess what department somebody is from just by their attitude toward the company.  So before you accept a personality-type based promotion, you need to know what jobs you can and can’t do.

Graduate Careers Services usually have their own building on the university campus but are also available online. An account can usually be created on the website, allowing the student to search for vacancies and receive email alerts on relevant jobs. The Careers Services provide a welcoming atmosphere, offering drop-in sessions or appointments where a member of the team can help explore the student’s options or problems. Other services also include:

Aptitude test practice books

Rob Williams’s five practice aptitude tests books are all available on Amazon:

Firstly, in our opinion, Brilliant Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Verbal Reasoning Tests.

Secondly, in our opinion, Brilliant Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests is the best aptitude test practice book for Passing Numerical Reasoning Tests.

Our Graduate Career Service Guide

CV Checks

Most Careers Services are there to help build student and graduate CVs. A good CV is vital when applying for jobs or internships. Careers Services will offer one to one appointments where advice on how to perfect their cv. Many other useful resources will be available on their website such as templates.

Practice Interviews

Interviews are an extremely daunting prospect of applying for a job and employers will, almost always, require you to participate in one. The Careers Service on campus is there to help you know what to expect at the interview. For example, one to one, video, panel and telephone interviews. Some universities create mock interview situations for their students. Here a Careers Consultant is the interviewer and role play with the student.

They want to recruit bright young graduates and let them know about different opportunities. Employer activity on campus is very common and usually, they will give talks or guest lectures, allowing students to partake in Q&A sessions. These events allow students to meet and interact with employers.

Worrying parents

The research showed it can be tough to watch the kids fly the nest, with three in ten parents saying it is one of the hardest things they have ever done.

And it won’t stop them from worrying either with 48 per cent of parents admitting that they are anxious about what their kids are up to every single day.

A staggering 93 per cent agree that it is harder for kids moving into their first home or student halls than it was in their day. But while one in eight parents said seeing their kids go was sad, it gave them and their partner a chance to rekindle their relationship.

Regionally, Leicester’s parents made the biggest sacrifice for their kids, losing out a massive £953 worth of items. That’s nearly twice as much as Norwich (£499).


  • Bedding 56%
  • Laptop 54%
  • Cups 49%
  • Books 49%
  • Cutlery 47%
  • Pots and pans 46%
  • Plates 44%
  • Headphones 42%
  • Television 40%
  • Kettle 33%
  • DVDs 32%
  • Games console 31%
  • CDs 30%
  • Tablet 25%
  • Cushions 24%
  • Laundry basket 24%
  • Table lamp 23%
  • Mirror 22%
  • Toaster 22%
  • Picture frames 17%