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Learning Focus & Developing Others

Forward thinking organisation requires top talents under development for positions along the management hierarchy and in other key roles. Less effective leaders are typically under-developed in their management philosophy and generally organised in leading on learning and development, typically leaving this to the HR function of the business. This leaves them focused on meeting immediate operational and strategic needs, but under such management, staff attrition, especially of talented employees, is likely to be high. They do not embrace their opportunity to achieve more by helping others advance toward their personal goals and, by doing so, better serve the long-term growth and other interests of the business. An effective leader, you understand the need for ongoing employee development and prioritise it. Learn & you succeed. Develop others & the business succeeds. Course content:

  • Successfully adapt hiring, onboarding, and training strategies
  • Decide on development, what learning is best for the future of your business
  • Provide effective training and development initiatives remotely
  • Replicate valuable learning experiences remotely
  • Adjust onboarding processes for home workers or members of hybrid teams

We’ve published a remote leader assessment , based upon our own assessment research for a hybrid work model.

Similarly, based upon the latest well-being research, we also offer both hybrid team development and well-being consultancy development.

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