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Our free practice situational judgement test tips are listed after our premium situational judgement test practice links. Additional situational judgment test tips are available in Rob Williams Assessment Ltd’s latest Career Builder articles. In particular, you may find this article useful, What you need to know about situational judgement tests.

Example police aptitude test questions

Here are some police entry test sample quesitons from the USA: Specifically, the math portion of the exam contains 20 questions, the reading comprehension section contains 25 questions, the language skills portion contains 20 questions, and the writing sample contains 10 questions. In order to score 75% on the entire exam, at least 57 questions must be answered correctly. Therefore, given the limited time in which to answer questions, examinees should focus their time and attention on the questions that they find easier. Spending too much time on one question can result in the examinee running out of time and not being able to answer other questions. Q1 – Bail for Mr. Anders was set at £250,000. To be released, he must pay 10% of this in cash. How much must Mr. Anders pay? £250 £2,500 £20,500 £25,000 Q2 – A car skidded 800cm before coming to a complete stop. The accident report must list the distance in metres only. Whats the distance? .8m 8m 80m 800m Q3 – An Amazon wearehouse loses 21 iPads valued at £10,500. What is their average value? £105 £500 £550 £1055 £220,500

What are the Police entry verbal reasoning test formats?

Q4 – To reach a car accident from her police station, a police officer travel 3km down one Road, 4km after the next turning, then 14.5km on the motorway. Whats the distance to get to the accident and back?

police aptitude test practice

Different regional police services across the UK use different types of verbal reasoning test. (type 1) Police entry examinees may needc to read passages relating to police duty and will then answer questions based on these passages. All the information needed to answer the questions will be provided in the passage. The passages present potential rules and laws relating to police work. (type 2) True/false questions. The statement will be either accurate and true based on the passage or form, or the statement will be inaccurate and false according to the passage or form. (type 3) Choose the correct answer according to the information presented in the passage or on a sample report form. (type 4) Find alternative that best completes the sentence.

police aptitude test practice – police sample questions

(type 5)

  • Incomplete sentences are presented.
  • The examinee must choose the alternative that best completes the sentence.

(type 6) Sentences with spelling errors are presented. Here, the examinee must choose the alternative that contains the misspelled A police officer must have high regard for his own appearence because police officers are public figures. Which word is spelt wrongly? officer regard appearence figures none of the above Officer Hill searched the suspect and found three ____ in the suspect’s backpack. knife knifes knives After arresting the suspect, Officer Carma _ the suspect for weapons and found a firearm in the suspect’s coat pocket. search searched searches searching

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Different Thinking Styles

People have different thinking styles. There has been more research howeer into the different types of intelligence:

  • Spearman’s theory – Two-factor theory of intelligence. A generalised intelligence (g-factor) & specialised forms of intelligence (s-factor).
  • Sternberg’s theory – Triarchic theory of intelligence. Referring to the ability to Assess, Create or have ‘Street Smarts’.
  • Gardner’s theory – Theory of Multiple Intelligence.

Digital Thinking Skills

In fact, almost 12 million people in the UK need to learn the basic digital skills. For life online – as well as for work. So the most valuable digital skills are sought after for all kinds of jobs.

  • 82% of all job vacancies require digital skills
  • Roles requiring digital skills pay 29% more than those that don’t
  • In recent years, the number of digital jobs grew almost three times as quickly as other occupations